10 Wellness Trends in 2021

As a new year is finally upon us, we can bid farewell to the utterly chaotic year that was 2020. In 2021 we can hope to see change and growth. Some wellness trends we will see in 2021 stems from the lasting impact of the pandemic, but don’t panic- it’s actually a good thing.

Prioritizing yourself and your health has never been more popular. From fitness, to health, to beauty, to sanitation, here are the top 10 wellness trends we can expect to see in 2021.

Virtual Fitness

People are skipping the gym and opting for at-home workouts– but we’re not talking about the days of Cindy Crawford or Jillian Michaels tapes. There are a wide range of ‘smart’ fitness machines available like the Peloton, Tempo Studio, and Tonal Fitness Mirror. These fitness machines are all-in-one as they blend classes and equipment all available from your family room. Even gyms have become savvy to virtual fitness and offer classes for members that still might be waiting to return.

Touch-less Spa Treatments

The start of COVID opened a door for touch-less spa treatments. Instead of high-touch services like massages, people will be opting for treatments like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, float tanks, and hyperbaric chambers. These are all effective ways to diminish stress from our lives, without requiring much contact with others


Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, and aware of where we are and what we’re doing; not being overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Practicing mindfulness is on the uprise as mental health is on the forefront of everyone’s mind this year.
You can practice being mindful through meditation or sitting and taking (intentional) deep breaths. This will help when coping with stressful situations, or when you feel like you’re just not in the right headspace. With a quick click of a button, you can set a reminder to do this throughout the day thanks to smart watches and apps.


Say goodbye to the days of thinking someone might think you’re crazy if you’re seeing a therapist. Thanks to Gen Z, the idea of going to therapy is not only accepted, but oftentimes celebrated. Mental health is not a dirty subject anymore. With a plethora of resources and information available, people are embracing the idea that it’s okay to not be okay.

Home-cooked Meals

Pure-panic set in during the beginning of quarantine in 2020 when we could no longer go enjoy our favorite burger from the dive down the street, or pop in at our favorite Mexican restaurant for a margarita after work.
We were challenged to cook at home and spend time at the dinner table, which will continue to carry on throughout the year. Appliances like the air fryer makes cooking a breeze, and not to mention slightly healthier.


Gone are the days when you had to schedule a dermatology appointment to get a recommendation for a good face wash thanks to the new wave of (influencers). Many of these influencers are doctors or estheticians, and provide suggestions for personalized skincare routines based on your face’s needs. It’s normal to have a 5-10 step skincare routine. Play around with serums or face masks and figure out what makes your skin happy. Bright, glowy skin is what everyone is after, which leads us right into this year’s makeup trends we will see because of this.

Minimal Makeup

Bye caked-on makeup, hello natural beauty. Thanks to your new skincare routine, you’ll want to show off that fresh dewy complexion, so minimal makeup to accentuate your features will be preferred.
Sticking with being more natural, vegan beauty products will continue to rise as people become more sensitive about what they’re putting on their face.


Bedtime routines are now more luxurious than ever before. There are tons of sleep accessories claiming they’ll help you fall into the cherished REM sleep. Some of these accessories include silk pillowcases, sound machines, night time gummies, and lavender bed sprays.

Face Yoga

Since we’re hyper-aware of what we’re putting on our face nowadays, people are also searching for natural ways to manipulate it. If you want to trim down your jawline, or experience anti-aging benefits, test out facial yoga before hitting the knife.


Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over yet, and we will see lasting effects for years to come. Boosting your cleaning routine is essential during this time, and phycologists say your mental health can benefit from this.
You should still be wiping down “high-touch” areas of your house and office. That means counters, door knobs, remotes, phones, light-switches, and even your mouse and keyboard. Masks and hand sanitizer will still be a huge part of 2021. You can’t avoid touching every surface while you’re out, but what you can have is a hand sanitizer that doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or smelling gross. At palmpalm we have a wide range of
hand-sanitizing products like wipes, spray, or gel that will keep your hands clean and silky smooth.