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9 Best Fall Activities for Families During Coronavirus

A father and child in a pumpkin patch

This year, there are scarier events than Halloween that we have to keep in mind. With COVID-19 still hanging in the air, it can be hard to enjoy the usual family fall festivities.  How can we keep our holiday spirit without endangering ourselves or our loved ones? Even though things are different this year, there[read more…]

5 Fun and Safe Outdoor Activities to Finish Out the Summer

Mother having a picnic with her baby girl

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our summer this year is definitely unlike any other. Social distancing rules are in place and we have to take other safety precautions in order to prevent spreading or catching the coronavirus. This includes wearing a face mask that covers your nose, washing your hands or using effective hand sanitizer,[read more…]

3 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During A Pandemic

Woman taking a deep breath with eyes closed, relaxing

Did you know that August is National Wellness Month? It is a month that celebrates and highlights the importance of self-care, healthy routines, and stress management.  So many people let self-care and their overall wellbeing take a back seat in their lives, especially when life gets stressful.  Well, I’m sure that most can agree that[read more…]