palmpalm Snags Top Spot on Forbes’ List of Best Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Sanitizing Anti-Bacterial Alcohol Wipes

Just a few months ago, hand sanitizers were extremely hard to find and supply was running low. This spurred a huge increase in new hand sanitizer companies and product additions to existing companies. 

With so many new brands popping up, Forbes wanted to round up hand sanitizer brands that they trusted, ones that they felt that consumers should know about. They discussed hand sanitizers in a variety of formats, from gels to sprays to wipes that were safe and also easily available for purchase online. 

And guess who made the list?


Taking the top spot on their list of the best hand sanitizer wipes, our antibacterial alcohol wipes have made their mark:

“These wipes are made with 70% ethyl alcohol, and can be used to kill germs on both your hands and surfaces, making them an incredibly handy germ-fighting tool to have around. ”

– Kori Miller, Forbes

Our wipes contain 75% alcohol, providing a potent amount of alcohol that will kill germs almost instantly. They are perfect for cleaning your hands when you’re in a hurry or wiping them after a little picnic outside. With their compact size, you can carry them in your purse, backpack, work bag, and pretty much anywhere else.

We also added in aloe so that your hands won’t get super dry when you use our product. No longer do you have to settle for hand sanitizer wipes that smell like tequila and dry your hands the moment you touch them. 

If you want gel or spray hand sanitizer to go along with these Forbes-recognized wipes, feel free to check out our other products as well. It helps to have a wide range of protective products so that you are always covered no matter where you go or what you do. 

And if you’re looking for more information on how to stay safe and healthy, take a look around our blog.

You can read the full article here on Forbes.